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Sorry for the unannounced absence but I wanted to take advantage of my last days without classes for the summer and I resolved not to go on the computer at home after work.  Now that the school year has started again I’m basically on the computer all the time, at work and at home so I can post again but it’s made me thankful for the break.  I was able to catch up on some of my reading and I have some partial posts that I hope to get up later this week once I’ve had a chance to edit them and make them fit for publication.

It’s going to be a wonderfully busy semester.  I’m taking Digital Curation, which so far has been interesting.  We’re basically going over the history of digital curation and looking at the arguments to centralize information or use a repository and at some different types of digital databases.  It’s always fun when the samples are ones I work with, and we started looking at the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae as one of our examples.  I’ve helped them order books through ILL but haven’t had much reason to really poke into their site prior to this and I have a deeper understanding of what they do now compared to my general ideas from before.

My other class is Knowledge Management in Libraries.  I’m still warming up to this class.  The three articles from this week are nearly ten years old and I’m going to have to do some digging on my own to see of the ideas proposed in these articles held up or if they’ve changed with newer technologies and work habits.  It would also be interesting to see how these companies may have changed after layoffs and other restrictions of the last few years, if they are still emphasizing personal networks or if they’ve begun looking at a new codified approach to managing their internal information.  Or if the companies that use a personalization network of sharing have lost information when people had to leave either through layoffs or retirement.

I am doing some volunteer work with I Need a Library Job starting tomorrow, I’ll be helping with the digests.  I don’ t have my own state but it’s going to be good to see what libraries are looking for in job postings so I can start getting my skills up to par before I start applying when I finish in May.  I’m continuing on with RASL and with SCARLA.  There was a call for officers from the RUSLA (special libraries) but I think I’m stretched thin already as much as part of me wants to volunteer for everything.  I need to hold some energy in reserve if I’m chosen to help with the ALA groups I’ve volunteered for.


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