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Celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day, International Bacon Day!  Bacon Day has been celebrated since 2000.  Below are some great books I recommend taking a look at to celebrate today.  Enjoy, I’m off to make a BLT for lunch.


The Bacon Cookbook by James Villas cbaconontains more than 100 recipes for using and making bacon.  This collection includes options for breakfast, soup, appetizers, pasta, main courses and even desserts.  The short introduction covers the history of bacon, explain what bacon technically is (apparently turkey bacon is not considered bacon), and touches on international styles of this versatile meat.




pork a history

Pork: a global history by Katharine M. Rogers follows the history of the most widely eaten meat in the world.  From the Roman Empire to pioneers – the use of all parts of the pig make it a mainstay of many different types of cuisine.   The book is divided into the history of pork in different geographic locations and ends with the mass-production of pork in current society.  This is part of a series called “Edible” if you are interested in the history of other foodstuffs.







Cleaving by Julie Powell is a follow up Julie and Julia.  After finishing her year-long project of cooking every recipe in

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Powell takes up a new passion, butchery.  Not strictly pork-related, but a good addition to this book-list.


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