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I recently succumbed to the temptation to subscribe to Amazon Instant Video (it’s not my fault, my friend made me watch Veronica Mars!) and have started going through the back catalog of television shows I’ve been meaning pick up but never got around to.  My latest obsession is with The Good Wife. Normally, I’m not big on courtroom dramas (sorry, Law & Order fans!) but this one appeals to me.  I am in love with the characters, with all of the recurring judges and lawyers we get to see on a regular basis.  Since I’m done with season 4 (and am waiting for season 5 to be available for free streaming) I thought I’d make some recommendations for some read-alikes featuring a female lawyer who manages to come out on top.



She-Hulk (2014- )

I was not a comics reader until recently, but I also used to prefer movies to TV. She-Hulk is the adventures of Jennifer Walters, a green giantess lawyer whose series Marvel recently re-launched.  I just started reading this title and it is absolutely wonderful, previous incarnation She-Hulk fans let me know in the comments which of her previous incarnations I should be reading.

The colors are vibrant and the illustrations, particularly the character’s expressions do much to move the story along.  Jennifer’s larger than life clients and adversaries are met and countered with a good natured sense of justice.  You won’t regret giving this one a try!



Chambermaid coverChambermaid by Saira Rao

Sheila Raj is a recent law school graduate who lands a clerkship with esteemed judge Helga Friedman.  Think of this as the Devil Wears Prada in the courtroom.  Sheila admirably navigates her complex work environment maintaining a sense of humor and a grip on reality.  It’s a great summer read and provides a memorable look at how it feels to discover that our professional idols are only human with their own shortcomings and foibles.




Three parts dead by Max Gladstone

Tara Abernathy is a first-year associate with an international necromantic firm investigating the death of the fire god Kos.  With the assistance of Abeldard, an acolyte of the dead god’s and some occasional intersession by her new boss Tara must go up against her former mentor in court.  Only in Alt-Columb court does not depend on impassioned speeches made before juries, the power Tara holds as a craftswoman may hold the key to survival of the city and the gods.

If you read and like this one, there are two more books waiting for you in the wings!


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