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I am the webmaster for the Rutgers Association of School Librarians and we recently decided to create a shared Google calendar to highlight some of our upcoming events.  Part of what is tricky about being an officer for a student group, at least in my case, is I live and work in California and Rutgers is located in New Jersey.  This means that I am constantly working in two different time zones when I’m trying to make schedules for things: EST for official meeting announcements and PST for my own calendar to try to tune in or re-arrange my lunches at work to virtually attend a meeting.  One way to make this easier on myself was to install FoxClocks to my Firefox browser.  The other is to set my Google calendar to PST but when I put a meeting in to place the meeting’s time in EST and let Google do the translating for me.

However, when I was updating the RASL site last month I managed to scare myself with the time zone confusion.  I uploaded the new pages at home and went to work.  Once at work I decided to take a look at the website to see how everything was working, and when I went to look at our calendar the 7 pm EST meeting for February 29th was showing up as 4pm.   I frantically logged into the calendar and checked my settings, everything was listed in EST but when I went back to the website I still saw 4pm.  After looking back and forth several times I must have gotten frustrated and logged out of my Google account.  I then looked at the calendar in the next window.  It said 7pm.  So the moral of the story is: if you are working in multiple time zones, make sure you log out of everything when updating to save yourself some gray hairs.  I hope this cautionary tale will help you, or provide a good laugh for the programmers who are more skilled than I and would have caught this right away.


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