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Good news!

Last Friday I sent in a resume to ipl2 to offer myself as an intern for Digital Reference Service and I received word this morning that I have been accepted!  I’m doing some last minute checking in my schedule for next semester to make sure this will not overwhelm me but I’m sure I can put this into my schedule.  ipl2 is an organization that I had not heard about prior to starting library school but now that I’ve used it both for class and participated in answering questions using the library side of it, I can see that ipl2 is a valuable and vital resource on the internet.  The accumulation of freely accessible and trustworthy information available on the internet is wonderful and the support provided to users through the Ask an ipl2 librarian feature is on par with help available in physical libraries.  I am proud and grateful to have the opportunity to work with a service that makes information available to patrons who perhaps cannot or do not have access to a library.

The other (more selfish) reason that this internship is wonderful is, since it is digital, I can spend more time working and less time commuting to the internship location.  I will be able to exert more energy working for ipl2, doing homework, just working and a hundred other things and less time in the car!  I still hope to look at volunteering at MCLM this summer when I won’t have homework to contend with but this coming semester the drive makes me a little reluctant to offer myself up just yet.



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