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Part of my evolution trajectory from graduate student to librarian is to start working on my social media branding.  It is important to start early so when I have my degree in hand I will also have a little more than a year of blogging expertise and have mastered the art of tweeting.  [Has everyone seen my Twitter feed?  Follow me if you are interesting in library and book news as I discover them throughout the day!]  As soon as you start delving into the world of social branding you find lots of advice on everything from what to put on your Facebook/ LinkedIn/Twitter profile to advice on what your profile picture should look like.

Most of the articles offer very good advice for some examples click here, here and here.  All of the articles are fairly similar and it does make one start to obsess think about about your profile pictures in ways you never had before.  Your profile picture is not just a snapshot of who you are, it is selling your brand.  Your profile picture should show you but not be too busy or have other people in the shot (unless it is an important aspect of your job to have someone in the shot with you and even then think twice), and it cannot be the wonderful picture of you on vacation from three years ago when you looked amazing. Suddenly, you realize that a seemingly simple thing is complicated beyond belief.  So I did what any strapped for cash graduate student would do – have my friend with come down to my apartment with his professional camera equipment to do a photo shoot.  It worked out well for all involved, I paid for his gas, he got to use his new camera, backdrop, and lights, and I have a contact sheet full of profile pictures to choose from.   I’ve included my before profile picture, a slideshow of the deconstructed living room and my new profile picture below.   Enjoy!

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